Charging electric cars

Your own electric car charging station. You can actually charge your electric car – In a sense, drive it – for free. In addition, a subsidy of CZK 30,000 is provided for each charging station from the New Green Savings program.

About service

Your own charging station at home or at work with Solar Charging at home, in the office or on the go.

home charging station

With a charging station at home, you are assured of a full battery when you need it. And wherever you charge your electric car, you will do it directly from the energy of the sun. That way you always hit the road full of good energy.
On the road with a good feeling
Own charging station at home, always sustainable
With your own charging station at home

  • Always 100% solar energy
  • Loading audience at 70,000 places in Europe
  • Subscription tailored to your situation
  • Transparent pricing