Purchase of electricity

With our partners and their premium quality products, you will make your home more energy efficient, financially and environmentally and as self-sufficient as possible. We will buy back 100 % of your manufactured surplus.

About service

Our practical electricity contract – pretty clean
With our intelligent energy products for your home, you are already making sure that your household is finally independent, becoming CO2-neutral and reaching a maximum degree of self-sufficiency. But what if the electricity you generate yourself is not enough on some days?
We offer you a simple and sustainable way to obtain additional energy from us instead of from conventional energy suppliers. This way you can ensure that the electricity that comes out of the socket in your home comes from 100% renewable energies.

Your energy requirements will be billed individually and transparently according to the kilowatt hours consumed each month – with a fixed, fair basic price. In addition, you remain flexible thanks to the short contract terms and can cancel at any time. Particularly practical: you don’t have to worry about terminating your old electricity contract, because we’ll take care of that for you.
But the best comes last: As our electricity customer, you also have the chance of annual free electricity worth over 300 euros. As the owner of one or more electric cars, you can register directly here – the credit will simply be offset against your electricity bill. So it is not only clean, but sometimes even free of charge!

The advantages of our solution:
• Energy products & electricity supply: everything from a single source
• Additional CO2-Savings through 100% green electricity
• High flexibility due to short contract terms
• 1 month contract period & 1 month notice period
• Low fixed basic price per kWh
• No hidden price increases or fees
• Guaranteed amount of free electricity
• No bureaucracy: we take care of terminating the old contract