Transform your energy in a sustainable way thanks to your own solar power plant or heat pump

Your path to your own green electricity and clean heating system goes through us. Turnkey, worry-free, professional – in just two months you can reduce your energy expenses and gain independence.


From design to financing to 25 years of operation, all this from sun.Energy

A solar power plant, smart storage, charger for an electric car and a heat pump will allow you to use electrical appliances, light, heat, water heating and electric car charging. Technology and solutions from sun.Energy will bring you significant reductions in electricity expenses. On top of that, we can also help you sell your excess electricity or store it so that you can use it when you need it. On average, we are able to ensure you around 70% independence from the distribution network feed.

Why choose us?


We will help you apply for a subsidy from the „New Green Savings“ program and if you meet all the conditions, we guarantee you will receive it.


Design, supply, subsidies, applications, installation, connection, commissioning and warranty and post-warranty service, all in one package.


25–12–5–2: these are the years of guarantees or guarantees for the quality, operating parameters or functionality of the solar power plant or its components.


We use selected, verified and certified components from Tier 1 manufacturers and trained assembly and service teams.


2 days for the offer processing and only 3 days for the installation itself, meeting all deadlines is our commitment.


We work exclusively with certified products, as well as our own installers and subcontractors have all the necessary and valid authorizations for operation and activity in the Czech Republic.

That is how it works


10 minutes

Custom design and offer

We will design a solar power plant, heat pump or E-vehicle charging point exactly according to your needs. Fill in the request form and our expert will prepare an indicative offer, including the cost of implementation, savings, optimal return, subsidies and the selection of a specific technology.


2 days

We will contact you

Following the sent indicative offer, we will contact you within two working days, verify the basic parameters, the content of the offer and arrange a free consultation with our sales representative. We will also include an overview of savings and the expected return on your investment.


7 days

Expert consultation

In the comfort of your home or online, we will discuss specific solutions for your roof together. We will analyse your energy consumption, revise the roof and connection conditions. We will answer your questions, optimize the offer and sign the contract. We will guide you through the entire process.


5 weeks

Connections and documentation

After signing the contract, we will request the connection of your solar power plant from the distribution system operator, we will start processing the project documentation and preparing the implementation. We will order or reserve the components and define the expected date of installation.


2–4 weeks

Get funding and grants

Based on the selected solar power plant model, we will process the subsidy application for you, we will ensure the smooth running of the entire process and the positive processing of your application. If necessary, we will secure project financing or propose an optimal operating system.


2–4 months

Let's go!

Within a few days, we will prepare all the documentation and start the installation. Our technicians will come to you and install the entire PV system, start it up and then connect it to the distribution network. Then you will only produce and consume electricity.

*(The afore-mentioned timelines and terms does not apply to „industrial“ solar power plants above 20kWp, where a building permit must first be obtained.)

Your sustainable energy, our responsibility

Solar energy has experienced tremendous development in recent years, and by the end of 2030, 1,000GW will be installed in Europe (on an area of approx. 3 million km²), with approx. half of it on roofs. Rooftop photovoltaics bring us all significant reductions in electricity costs, independence from supplies from the power grid, a lifespan of 25 years and a positive impact on our environment. Together with sun.Energy, you can have everything in just two months, even without your own investment. For every panel installed, we plant one additional tree.

Sustainable business sun.Energy

In 2022, we signed up to meet the strict criteria of the international B Corp certification program. In doing so, we have made a commitment to support the fulfillment of climate goals, such as reducing CO² emissions by 50% and reducing the global temperature by 1.5 °C.

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Press release


Photovoltaic panel do not have to point south anymore

It is no longer necessary that photovoltaic panels are only suitable for south-facing roofs with a slope of 35 degrees. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists today.

Sun.Energy is a new member of the Solar Association of the CR

As a member of the Solar Association of the Czech Republic, sun.Energy will participate in the discussion, advisory on regulatory framework and implementation of sustainable, financially and ecologically efficient energy solutions.

City rooftops – an ideal place for photovoltaic power plants

By 2050, according to IEA analyses, solar power plants on the roofs of urban buildings could cover up to one third of their electricity consumption.