Business as a force for good

We are a B Corp

Thousands of new people switch to solar energy with us every year. This means that not only is our sustainable impact large, but we also have a chain that has a major impact on the earth and countless (direct or indirect) stakeholders. As B Corp, we are committed to making sure this impact is positive for our customers, employees, factory workers, the environment and everything else we can influence.

Being B Corp is hard work, but ensures that we are always critical of ourselves and bring out the best in We set high standards for ourselves, as you can read on this page in our new Sustainability Report . But it is precisely these challenges that give us energy.

What is B Corp anyway?

Good question. Certified B Corporations use their company as a means to make the earth a bit more beautiful and better. Fellow B Corps include Tony’s Chocolonely, Ben & Jerry, and Patagonia, to name a few . We are proud to be part of this movement with them, because: B Corp is not something you just become and stay.

Any company that wants to call itself B Corp goes through a rigorous selection test and repeats it every three years. On our first assessment in 2018, we scored 99.3 points. After three years, we went through the test again in 2021. This time an even better result: a score of 110.2 ! Check out our score on our B Corp page .


We will be energy neutral by 2030

As we install more solar panels, our land and fuel consumption increases. That is why we committed ourselves on the podium of the UN Climate Summit in 2019 to work completely CO₂ neutral by 2030 . With this commitment, we show that it is possible to operate successfully without burdening the climate. We will do this 20 years earlier than when the rest of the world has to live and work CO₂ neutrally, in 2050.

As the first major step towards CO₂ neutrality, we have already compensated our own CO₂ emissions since our foundation in 2013 at the beginning of 2021: more than 500 tons of CO₂ !

Our new Sustainability Report

Edition 2021

We have to work hard to be CO₂ neutral by 2030. We started by mapping the emissions of our entire chain: from our colleagues’ bus trip to the office to the overseas trip of our solar panels from Shanghai to Rotterdam.

Find out exactly what we emit, where those emissions come from and – more importantly – how we reduce and offset these emissions in this comprehensive report.

Curious about our progress on #projectnetzero? Stay up-to-date on our Instagram , Linkedin and Facebook pages.

217.5 million kWh

solar energy is generated by enieans every year

32,500 kWh

of power installed in 2021


kg of CO₂ avoided in 2021


kg of CO₂ emitted in 2021 throughout the chain

Our impact in numbers

This is where our products come from

As B Corp, we stand for complete transparency. In the Impact Report you can read with which manufacturers we work. Below you can see where our products come from and what journey they take to the roofs of the enieans.


From raw materials to products

Raw materials from all over the world are processed into finished products in various factories in eastern China.


The crossing

These products come together in the port of Shanghai and are shipped to Rotterdam on large container ships.


Ready for action

We store the products in our warehouse in Rosmalen. Here they are ready to be transported by truck to the various installers throughout the Netherlands.

Generating solar energy with a good feeling

Only the most sustainable products

The partners and manufacturers we work with have a major impact on society and the climate. That is why we are critical in every product choice. We choose products that last the longest, are recyclable and produced in fair and safe working conditions. In this way, customers are not only assured of the best quality, but also of products that have a minimal impact on the environment.

Policy documents

Within we believe it is important to safeguard our culture and values ​​among all enieans. That is why we have set up a number of documents in which we write down what we expect from ourselves and our colleagues.

  • You can read about our purchasing agreements in our Purchasing Code of Conduct;
  • our Code of Ethics explains how we treat customers, colleagues and partners;
  • in our Virtual Office Stewardship Policy how we ensure that all people can work responsibly outside the office;
  • and you can read all about our hiring policy in the Hiring Code of Conduct.