Smart batteries

You can store excess energy from your solar power plant in high-performance batteries with a lifespan of more than 15 years. This gives you a smart solution for managing energy, you will use the stored surplus when you need it.

About service

Smarter Energy
Save your excess electricity generation and use it exactly when you want.
Increase self-sufficiency
Reduce your electricity bills even further and become less affected by rising electricity prices.
Peace of mind
By increasing your degree of self-sufficiency, you protect yourself against rising energy prices.

Home Battery

Compare our solar batteries to fit your solar panel system:

  • Hybrid
    A hybrid battery system uses the same inverter to control your solar panels and your battery, saving space and money. The battery charges using the direct current straight from the solar panels, maximizing efficiency. We offer a flexible hybrid battery system with 5kWh to 30kWh of energy storage possible.
  • Stand alone
    A battery system that works independently of your solar inverter. It is ideal as a retrofit solution to your solar panel system, or if you want a specific brand of solar inverter. Our all-in-one battery is a powerful solution that maximizes energy storage in one neat cabinet.