Roof rental

Do you want a stable income and at the same time support the clean energy transition? But you do not want to devote your attention and waste time and resources for it? Lease your roof to us and we will pay you CZK 50–100 for each installed PV panel per year.

About service

Solar panels on your roof, without investment

We are currently pushed by market and ourselves to generate significantly more of green electricity than these days in the Czech republic. In order to achieve the climate targets, decrease cost and become independent, we must accelerate. Solar panels with potential of 72km2 = 7200MW for companies and houses can make a difference in this.

That is why we aim to convert company roofs into local generation locations. This is very simple: as a company you make your roof available to sun.Energy. We then install solar panels on it. You receive a fixed fee of €3 to 4 per year on average for each solar panel. After 17 years we transfer the system and you will benefit from your own solar energy for at least another 10 years.

Earn money without investment

With roof rental you benefit from solar energy without investment. You rent out your roof and sun.Energy installs solar panels on it.

How it works?

Analysis & proposal
Intention & subsidy application
Contracts & preparation
Complete unburdening

Sun.Energy arranges everything. This means that we will work with you to make a plan for solar panels on your roof. We look at how many solar panels fit on your roof and how much energy can be generated. After approval, we take care of the subsidy application, installation, grid connection, monitoring, financing, guarantees and maintenance. All you have to do is make your roof available for solar panels.

Green power

With the Roof Rental solution from sun.Energy you contribute to accelerating the energy transition in the Czech republic. In short: you are really doing business in a sustainable and socially responsible way = you care of ESG. Basically, we sell the generated energy to the power grid. It is also possible to buy the electricity for your own consumption at attractive conditions. This way you have direct green electricity from your own roof.