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Invest in your own solar power plant through a turnkey delivery. A 50kW, 100kW or 500kW power plant (1000 m² of your roof) will reduce your electricity costs by at least 30%. We take care of everything, from design to connection till start of your own energy production.

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Save money instantly

With your investment in solar panels you immediately save on your monthly costs. Electricity prices are rising , while you no longer pay anything for your electricity. With 10 solar panels you can quickly save 800 euros per year. In addition, you also get the VAT back on your investment. Even after 2023 , buying solar panels will remain a profitable choice.

The price of a solar installation strongly depends on the type and power of the solar panels and the inverter. Would you like to know exactly what solar panels will cost you? Calculate your price in one minute.

Invest in the sun

Buying solar panels has become very attractive in recent years. It even yields a higher return than the money in your savings account. That’s a good thing, because more and more people are switching to solar energy. More than 1,500,000 Dutch people have already had solar panels installed on their roofs. They save a lot of money every month, live more sustainably and are all set for a bright future. Don’t wait any longer and switch too!

Sustainable with solar panels

Doing well

The most sustainable energy is the energy you generate yourself. Without the intervention of energy suppliers and really from the source. In this way you significantly reduce your CO2 emissions .

To give you an idea: the CO2 emissions you save with an average solar energy installation is equivalent to saving the emissions from driving 628,127 kilometers. Well worth it.

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