Renting a solar power plant

By renting a solar power plant, you get all the benefits of generating electricity from the sun without having to spend your financial resources. You can easily, smartly and worry-free secure a solar power plant for 15–25 years.

About service

Generate your own solar energy with your company, store it in batteries and let your fleet drive 100% sustainably with your own charging stations. Sustainable, with high efficiency and completely ready for the future. And always without investment or necessary subsidy.

Don’t need a battery or charging stations yet? No problem. you choose what suits your company best.

Ready for a self-sufficient, decentralized future

Lease all-inclusive solar panels

The complete SME Solar Leasing package consists of:

  • Solar panels on the roof of your company without investment
  • Charging stations for your electric vehicle fleet
  • Batteries for storing your solar energy
  • Additional 100% solar energy from roofs
Smart and independent

By using solar energy from your own roof to charge your fleet and batteries, you are 100% in control. You generate the energy when the sun shines. You use a large part of it during the working day. Is there more generated than you have consumed? Then you store it in batteries to use when the sun isn’t shining.

In this way, step by step, we are making the world less dependent on polluting coal-fired power stations.