Solar power plant leasing

By leasing a solar power plant, you get all the benefits of generating electricity from the sun without having to spend your financial resources. Depending on your financial situation, you can simply, smartly and carefree rent a solar power plant for 10–15 years.

About service

Switch to renting solar panels? You can see your advantage in this chart . This way you can deal with rising electricity costs from day one. After 10 years, the solar panels become yours and you pay € 0 for your solar energy from that moment on. You will then enjoy your own solar panels for at least 20 years, including guarantees.

How it works?

We install our solar panels on your roof, you pay a fixed monthly amount for the generated energy.
Always be sure of a high yield with our yield guarantee. Is it still lower than calculated? Then we will simply refund you the difference!
You rent for only 10 years, after that the solar panels are yours.
Warranty, maintenance and insurance

We arrange it

Is your roof suitable for solar panels? Super. Then everything is already arranged for you. We do the rest. This way you are always assured of maximum yield for minimum effort. During the rental period we are fully responsible for:

Maintenance and services

All insurances

The yield of the solar panesl

We will of course not let you sit after the rental period. Our top solar panels have the longest warranties on the market. When the rental period has ended, you will enjoy solar energy from your own roof for at least another 20 years .

Always flexible

So easy

You can cancel the rental contract every month without any problems. You simply pay the remaining value of the solar panels. Without crazy fines or fine print.

Are you going to move? Then it is the best option to have the lease taken over by the new residents free of charge, of course under the same conditions. You can also move them to your new home. For € 75 per solar panel, we will remove them from your roof and install them on your new home.

At the end of the 10-year rental period, you take over the solar panels for € 25 per solar panel, including other equipment. After that, you can enjoy your solar panels for at least 20 years without monthly costs. Request a free proposal or calculate your monthly amount directly .